The SANS Institute: Content Controller Case Study


The Situation

The SANS Institute is the global leader in information security training and certification. Their programs reach more than 165,000 information security professionals and 6M knowledge workers each year, providing them with intensive training to help them defend their systems and networks.

As the largest source for information security training and certification, the SANS Institute needed a way to efficiently manage and understand their eLearning content.


The Challenges:

Keeping training content up to date and managing licenses is of great importance but was a very time-consuming effort. Further, SANS struggled to manage multiple languages and lacked visibility into content usage patterns and license controls.


The Solution:

Rustici Software collaborated with SANS on a revolutionary solution called Content Controller, which is one of Rustici Software’s eLearning content distribution solutions. With the new software, SANS has greatly streamlined their processes while collecting much-needed usage data and easing the job of customer training administrators.


The Strategy:

Content Controller solves all four challenges by:

  1. Ensuring that the most current version of content is always served to learners.
  2. Streamlining language support so LMS administrators simply assign content and allow users to select their language.
  3. Providing question-level analytics and access to valuable insights regarding usage data.
  4. Allowing admins to monitor access and set user limits for training.


The Outcome:

Since going live in May 2016, over 600 SANS customers representing hundreds of thousands of learners are using the new system. The partnership has produced a scalable, cost-effective content distribution model which has successfully delivered millions of training modules that can be easily updated and tracked.


Content Controller was awarded a Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Award for Best Advance in Content Management Technology. This award granted to Content Controller for revolutionizing content management and delivery could not have been possible without fantastic customers like the SANS Institute.